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About Aalborg Music Festival

Who are we?

Aalborg Music Festival is a brass band competition that is held every year in Northern Jutland. There is a focus on entertainment music. The day is a celebration of some of the best music imaginable written for brass bands. Aamuk's mission and vision is to bring brass band music out for the masses, as well as to create a tribute to music in cozy surroundings. ​


The competition is divided into 4 sections:

Section Open, which corresponds to the Danish brass band scene's elite division ​


Section A corresponds to the 1st and 2nd divisions in Denmark ​


Section B corresponds to the 3rd division and concert division in Denmark ​


Section C is aimed at children's and youth orchestras, such as junior bands and marching bands


It is a competition for all age groups and playing levels. The special thing about this competition is all the energy and atmosphere. Everyone is welcome and it will certainly be a day full of music and happy brass band people.

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