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The Herbert Møller Award

What is the Herbert Møller Award?

How do you nominate?

The Herbert Møller Award is awarded annualy to a person or an ensemble who has done something extra special for the danish brass band scene. This can be in the form as a performing musician, instructor, conductor, boardmembers, etc. Anyone with a connection to the danish brass band scene can nominate a person or ensemble. 

The nominations has to be handed in by May 1st that year. After this a panel will decide the award recipient. The Herbert Møller Award will be revealed at Aalborg Music Festival in May and is awarded by Aalborg Music Fetival. 


The award comes with a challenge trophy with the recipients name engraved.

The nomination has to be sent to at May 1st 2024.

Past recipients

2023: Lise Vestergaard Larsen

2022: Michelle Søndergaard Knudsen 

2021: Jesper Juul

2019: Joan Mikkelsen

2018: Anne Mette Hansen 

2017: Orla Juul-Pedersen

2016: Jan Nørgaard

2015: Carl Viggo Jespersen

2014: Carsten Højen & Ellen Rebild

2013: Gunnar Dornonville De La Cour

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