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Important dates


  • Registration including payment of Band fee (1500 DKr.)


  • The order of who is playing is announced 

  • A description of the band must be submitted

  • The order of the music the band is playing

    • We need the title, composer, arranger, and possible soloist for the printed program.

    • Remember the correct order of the pieces.

  • Notes for the presenter

    • If you want our presenter to say something between the pieces, send this to Henrik.

  • Payment of the member's fee (100 Dkr. per member on stage)

    • The member's fee should match the number of players on stage. The number can be corrected on the day of the competition.​

  • Sandwich

    • A separate offer is sent out, with prices and options for filling.​

1st MAY

  • All scores handed in (two copies)

  • Band setup

    • We need a plan of how the band is set up.​

    • Percussion will not be moved.

  • Registration for the gala concert

    • The registration covers the following:​

      • The gala concert​

      • Award ceremony

      • Dinner and the following party


Aalborg Music Festival will be happy to advise on hotels and other accommodations near the festival.

Practical information

Chairman: Henrik Juul-Brinkmann

Algade 2, 1. th.
9320 Hjallerup 
Phone: +45 42401445

Bank details 9245 457 24 84179 (SparNord)

CVR.Nr.: 37 59 53 49.

IBAN accountnumber:DK8192454572484179


Other info

Aalborg Musikkonkurrence 
Nørresundby Gymnasium 
Studievej 14
9400 Nørresundby, Denmark

Band fee: 1500 DKr
Members fee: 100 DKr per member on stage

It will last between four and five minutes and will be sent out by email on the 1st of March

All bands have 30 min on stage. This includes setup and take down. If you start at 12:30 the next band has to be able to start at 13:00. 

There will be awards for the best march and best soloist, but it is not required to play either a march or have a soloist. The award for the best soloist can also be given to the best solo passage or a section in the band.

Aalborg Music Festival will be providing percussion.

A list will be sent out May 1st.

Conducting stands and stands will be available in the warm-up room and on stage.

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